New Breed of Solar Panels Fine-Tunes Light for Crops


Earths Second Lung Has Emphysema

Earth’s Second Lung Has Emphysema

New research finds that boreal forests, where peatlands are extensive, store as much and maybe more carbon than tropical forests. But the boreal zone is increasing threatened by logging, road building, insect outbreaks, etc, and is also experiencing some of Earth’s highest rates of warming. Given its carbon role, we’ve got to better protect and sustainably manage this key natural resource.


Opinion: It’s Time to Step It Up for Gender Equality

Despite an extraordinary Platform for Action committed to at the historic Fourth World Conference on Women 20 years ago this September, we can celebrate only modest gains in some areas. This fall the world’s leaders have the chance to re-commit so that we can truly and quickly breach the gender equality gaps that remain, argues the Executive Director of UN Women.


Navigating to Safe Waters

Navigating to Safe Waters

To mark World Water Day, UNU-INWEH’s Dr Corinne Schuster-Wallace describes a programme that is helping disadvantaged communities across the world to implement holistic, affordable and sustainable change to combat waterborne diseases.




Is the US Overplaying Its Energy Hand

Is the US Overplaying Its Energy Hand?

The evidence suggests the United States is playing energy poker with a pair of jacks in its hand, but betting as if it had four aces, says the Post Carbon Institutes’s Richard Heinberg. Policymakers are using exaggerated resource estimates just to score points, while economic and ecological catastrophe loom over the global arena in which the game is being played.