Kolkata busy street

The Ethical City: an Idea Whose Time Has Come

The values, principles and questions surrounding urban ethics are vital considerations as the global community prepares for the HABITAT III summit where governments will agree on an agenda to guide urban development for the next two decades.




Why I Joined the Peoples Climate March

Why I Joined the People’s Climate March

Eighteen years after attending the Kyoto Protocol negotiations, Brendan Barrett took part in last weekend’s People’s Climate March. Here he reflects on what’s ahead as regular people are foisted to the front lines of what author Jeremy Leggett calls “The Carbon Wars”.


Womens Rights are Human Rights

Women’s Rights are Human Rights

The global 16 Days of Activism campaign links International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women to Human Rights Day. The team at the UNU Institute for Globalization, Culture and Mobility participated by highlighting essential issues including the importance of language, women with disabilities, migrant women and refugees, and art as activism.





Rohingya Women in Migration - Lost Voices

Rohingya Women in Migration: Lost Voices

More Rohingya women and girls have taking dangerous boat journeys to flee from intensified mass violence and increased risk of sexual violence targeting Muslim communities in Myanmar. If they don’t end up tricked by human traffickers, facing forced marriages or being sold into prostitution, they nonetheless struggle to survive in diaspora communities.

Europe’s Disgrace

The current crisis in the Balkan region clearly shows that intensifying border controls at one crossing point only leads to a geographical reorientation of crossing points. It is thus outrageous, argues UNU-MERIT’s Hein de Haas, that politicians are still trying to make us believe that border controls can ‘solve’ refugee crises.

Europe's Disgrace