Are Other Species Aware

Are Other Species Aware?

When dinner conversation with colleagues turned to the question of animal awareness, the reaction of the non-biologists in the group made an impression on UNU Prof. Peter Sale. They were surprised to hear that, for some species, there exists evidence of awareness, even self-awareness. Here he delves into the fascinating topic and why it is so important.



Europe's Disgrace

Europe’s Disgrace

The current crisis in the Balkan region clearly shows that intensifying border controls at one crossing point only leads to a geographical reorientation of crossing points. It is thus outrageous, argues UNU-MERIT’s Hein de Haas, that politicians are still trying to make us believe that border controls can ‘solve’ refugee crises.


The Crime-Conflict Nexus: Identifying Gaps and Opportunities for Policy Research

Examining the Interactions between Conflict and Organized Crime

Notwithstanding increasing concern over the links between organized crime, terrorism and violent conflict, the United Nations, Member States and non-governmental organizations remain ill-equipped to deal with this challenge. John de Boer and Louise Bosetti of UNU’s Centre for Policy Research review the state of evidence on this crime-conflict nexus.



9 Massive US Companies Pledge to Go 100 percent Renewable

9 Massive US Companies Pledge to Go 100% Renewable

Nine more giant corporations, including Nike and Walmart, pledged to transition to 100 percent renewable energy Wednesday. The announcement is intended to show international governments that there is broad-based business support for going off fossil fuels in advance of the United Nations climate talks in December.