10 Nordic Principles for a Hyperconnected Planet

Planet Earth is becoming hyperconnected. How can we support positive change and use technology to create a better world? Finnish think tank Demos Helsinki has identified 10 principles to guide development in a way that ensures it will be a more utopian than dystopian future.

New Zealand Pledges an End to Coal by 2018

On Thursday, New Zealand’s largest electricity and gas retailer announced it would close its last two coal-fired power plants by 2018, making the country completely coal-free. Electricity generated from renewables is at a 20-year high in the country, accounting for 79.9 percent of all electricity generated.

Resilence and the Fragile City

Resilience and the Fragile City

As the world continues to urbanize, global emergencies will increasingly be concentrated in cities, particularly in lower income and fragile countries where the pace of urbanization is fastest. More research is needed on how best to increase resilience in cities already pushed to the brink, explains John de Boer of the UNU Centre for Policy Research.