Forests for Our Future: Climate Connections

International Day of Forests this year is about showcasing forest-based solutions to climate change mitigation and adaptation, and to sustainable development more broadly. The positive and hopeful Our World stories and videos from around the world that we’ve collected in this Forests Forward feature are wonderful examples. Check them out and be inspired.

Home Growing Produces Ten Times the Food of Arable Farms

  • 2015•03•20
  • 3
  • Keir Watson

Amongst scientists, policymakers and the public, there is increasing awareness of the multiple benefits of ‘own-growing’. Indeed, explains permaculturist Keir Watson, the level of productivity possible from allotments, backyard gardens and pastoral landscapes is very impressive compared to that of intensive farming, largely due to soil health.

Navigating to Safe Waters

Navigating to Safe Waters

  • 2015•03•23

To mark World Water Day, UNU-INWEH’s Dr Corinne Schuster-Wallace describes a programme that is helping disadvantaged communities across the world to implement holistic, affordable and sustainable change to combat waterborne diseases.