Confronting Prejudice Against Muslim Women in the West

In a climate of soaring Islamophobia, Muslim women living in Western countries face perhaps the greatest challenges due to multiple layers of discrimination rooted in religion, appearance, gender equality and migration.

Migrant Brides in the Matchmaking Industry: Blurring the Binaries

While socio-economic and gender inequalities are at the core of the transnational “marriage industry”, migration policy can be informed by how the commodification of marriage is understood and experienced by the women involved, and how the typical lines between freedom and coercion, and empowerment and subjugation are increasingly blurred.

Women’s Rights are Human Rights

The global 16 Days of Activism campaign links International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women to Human Rights Day. The team at the UNU Institute for Globalization, Culture and Mobility participated by highlighting essential issues including the importance of language, women with disabilities, migrant women and refugees, and art as activism.