Ending Open Defecation - Doing It Properly

Ending Open Defecation: Doing It Properly

To mark World Toilet Day, UNU’s Shyama Ramaniel looks at the new Sustainable Development Goal #6 and what it will take to tackle sanitation in a truly equitable and sustainable way.

Biomimicry Advance: Mussels Inspire Nontoxic Flame Retardant

Researchers have taken a cue from marine mussels to create a non-toxic flame retardant that won’t accumulate over time in the environment and living animals. The team believes their dopamine-based nanocoating could cheaply and easily replace the current types that are known to release harmful substances into the air and ecoystems.

The World’s Most Liveable Cities

Brendan Barrett discusses popular city ranking indexes and what they do and do not mean, and then gives a glimpse of the kind of liveable city ranking that he would like to see.