Tarfaya – Africa´s largest wind power plant

Africa’s Biggest Wind Farm Sparks Controversy in the Desert

Morocco’s ambitious plans for wind power in Western Sahara have drawn international praise, but alarm some locals who worry wind farm development will deepen occupation of their land and further divide the country’s natural resources without their consultation.

The Ethical City: an Idea Whose Time Has Come

The values, principles and questions surrounding urban ethics are vital considerations as the global community prepares for the HABITAT III summit where governments will agree on an agenda to guide urban development for the next two decades.

Six Easy Ways to Tell if That Viral Story is a Hoax

News in this digital age spreads faster than ever, but so do lies and hoaxes. Thankfully, ordinary people are also starting to take a more sophisticated approach to the content they view online. These free easy steps can help anyone join the critical thinking trend.