Akane Minohara - Our World

She previously worked for the Secretariat of the International Partnership for the
Satoyama Initiative at the United Nations University, where she was also heavily

Kazuhiko Takeuchi - Our World

Japan Should Look to Satoyama and Satoumi for Inspiration · DEVELOPMENT &
SOCIETY; 2011•05•02; Carmen Scherkenbach Communications Associate, …

Alan Zulch - Our World

… emerging ecological consciousness. In his free time he muses about his
passion for Japanese satoyama landscapes and culture on his blog, Satoyama

Toshiya Kai - Our World

Based in Ishikawa prefecture, he works with regional government officials and
researchers to coordinate research related to satoyama. Articles …

Anne McDonald - Our World

… and Fisheries (MAFF). She is also a member of both national and regional
government committees established in 2008 to explore satoyama policy

Documenting the Commons - Our World

On the land, similar conservation practices are evident in Japan through the
concept of Satoyama, which was covered in 2009 in two short documentaries by