Natalia Fernández

Las Indias Cooperative Group

A pioneer in the application of network analysis to fields as diverse as health management or public intelligence, Natalia Fernández directs the Las Indias Cooperative Group and manages the Group’s founding cooperative business, Sociedad de las Indias Electrónicas, and Fondaki-SIP-ner, the first European public intelligence company devoted to the internationalization of small- and medium-sized enterprises. She began her career at Think Red in 2000 directing the design and implementation of the first mobile applications for hospital management, disaster relief and management of staff mobility. Fernández was also founder of the association (2002), where she coordinated campaigns like Las Indias Library’s “Save cybercafes” in 2004 and more recently Open Network Bilbao (2013), an association dedicated to generating social capital at the service of the internationalization of Bilbao’s small and medium enterprises.