Global Health and Human Rights for a Post-pandemic World

As the COVID-19 pandemic forces us to reflect on our values, standards, and institutions, and their impacts on inequality, there is an opportunity to imagine a new world and build back better by embracing the fundamental tenet that health is a global common right.

Supporting the Eradication of Modern Slavery

The United Nations University (UNU) takes an interdisciplinary, cross-cutting approach to research on pressing global problems. UNU generates knowledge to support an evidence-based rethinking of policies by providing decision-makers with fresh perspectives on the most urgent policy issues, proactive analyses of emerging concerns, and sound policy alternatives. To better highlight UNU’s people, approach, and products, […]

How Can We Protect Refugees During the COVID-19 Crisis?

Special measures are needed to protect people living in informal settlements and refugee camps, where overcrowding and lack of sufficient access to clean water, sanitation, and health services can increase vulnerability to COVID-19.