Debate: Not in My Backyard

Welcome to the first session of our exciting new interactive feature! Debate is an open arena where you can test your ideas with fellow Our World community members.

Your thoughts are the whole point! By exchanging points of view, we move towards a better understanding of controversies on climate change, peak oil, food security and biodiversity.

Not in my backyard (but maybe in yours)

We all know that something has to be done about climate change, and most of us agree that we should all be part of the solution. But how many of us are willing to have climate change solutions right on our doorstep?

Opposition by residents to nearby development  proposals is referred to as NIMBYism, the acronym of Not In My Back Yard.

One case in point was reported by Treehugger this week: North Carolina’s state senate has voted overwhelmingly (42-1) in favour of a ban on mountaintop wind turbines. Supposedly this came out of residents protesting the “ugliness” factor.

Now we ask you what your theories are. Do you think:

And what about you? Can you imagine yourself falling into NIMBY syndrome under any circumstance (e.g., a turbine 2 blocks away)?  Or if you’re a diehard anti-NIMBY, how do you think NIMBYism can be fought?

Comment away!

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Carol is a journalist with a green heart who believes that presenting information in a positive and accessible manner is essential to activating more people to join the search for equitable and sustainable solutions to global problems. A native of Montreal, Canada, she joined the UNU communications team in 2008 while living in Tokyo and, after relocating to Vancouver, continued to telecommute to Our World as writer/editor through 2015.