Willem Malten


Willem Malten is a baker, filmmaker and community activist. He owns and runs Cloud Cliff Bakery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is active in supporting the re-emergence of native and organic wheat farming and in 1993 helped establish the The Northern New Mexico Organic Wheat Project. Malten directed Cry at the End of the 20th Century, a documentary featuring Amy Goodman, Greg Mello and others, about nuclear weapons and civil disobedience. With the Shipibo Konibo tribe in the rainforest of Peru, Malten directed a movie about a coming of age ceremony for girls, for which Correo Aereo composed the original score and Gene Hackman narrated. He also produced a series of short movies on beekeeping, adobe, algae, solar, and sustainability for Ecoversity TV. Malten has a masters in anthropology from the University of Amsterdam in his native Netherlands. He is a long-term director of Los Alamos Study Group and writes a regular blog called Vortex Politico.